Preliminary Reports: Informatics and Image Processing

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  • ID: SM3.4
  • Date: June 15th, 2009 (Monday)
  • Room: Salon A/B
  • Chairs: Hiromi Ban and Nallappan Palaniappan
  • Abstracts

Metrical Analysis of the Speeches of 2008 American Presidential Election Candidates
Hiromi Ban and Takashi Oyabu

Predicting Burst in Threads of Bulletin Board Systems Based on “Connoisseurs”
Takuya Nomura and Tomohiro Takagi

A Study on Triggers of Informal Communication Using Questionnaires
Dai Nishioka, Atsushi Inoue, Yasuhiro Fujiwara and Yuko Murayama

Support Vector Machines in the Prediction of Mutagenicity of Chemical Compounds
Thomas Ferrari, Giuseppina Gini and Emilio Benfenati

A Fuzzy Inferencing System for Gait Recognition
Aditi Roy and Shamik Sural

Applications of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets of Root Type in Image Processing
Nallappan Palaniappan and Raghavendran Srinivasan

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