Preliminary Reports: Methods

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  • ID: SW1.4
  • Date: June 17th, 2009 (Wednesday)
  • Room: Salon A/B
  • Chairs: Premchand Nair and Irina Perfilieva
  • Abstracts

Consolidation Operator for Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set
Premchand S. Nair

Generation of Optimal Functions Using Particle Swarm Method over Discrete Intervals
Frederick Shamieh and Chengying 'Cheryl' Xu

F-transform versus Takagi-Sugeno Models
Irina Perfilieva

Coding Mode Determination by Using Fuzzy Logic in H.264 Motion Estimation
Pei-Jun Lee, Han-Kui Chang, Shun-Hsing Huang and Wen-June Wang

Presentation Canceled
Clustering based Fuzzy Particle Swarm Optimization
Meysam Alizadeh, Elnaz Fotoohi, Vahid Roshanaei and Ehsan Safavieh

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