Regular Session: Applications in Business and Social Science

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  • ID: ST1.3
  • Date: June 16th, 2009 (Tuesday)
  • Room: Mt. Lookout
  • Chairs: Karaman Pagava and Mark Wierman
  • Abstracts

Modeling Uncertainty in the Connection between Socio-Economic Factors and Health & Health-Related Behavior of Adolescents in Georgia
Tatiana Kiseliova, Helen Phagava and Karaman Pagava

An Inductive Fuzzy Classification Approach Applied to Individual Marketing
Michael Kaufmann and Andreas Meier

The Extension of Buckley-Feuring Solutions for Non-Polynomial Fuzzy Partial Differential Equations. Application to Microeconomics Utility Theory
David Galvez and Jose Luis Pino

Factors Contributing to Successful Democractic Consolidation in Former Communist States: An Exploration of Solutions to the Property Ranking Issue
Jennifer Larsen, Mark J. Wierman, Adam Karnik, John N. Mordeson, and Terry D. Clark

1140-1200 (added)
Multi Person Decision Making Problem Using Generalized Mixture Operators
B. Sridevi and R. Nadarajan

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