Regular Session: Control – Part I

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  • ID: ST1.1
  • Date: June 16th, 2009 (Tuesday)
  • Room: Mt. Auburn
  • Chairs: Da Ruan and Hao Ying
  • Abstracts

Belief Rule-Based Inference Methodology to Improve Nuclear Safeguards Information Evaluation
Da Ruan, Roland Carchon, Klaas van der Meer, Jun Liu, Hui Wang and Luis Martinez

Longitudinal Stability Augmentation using a Fuzzy Logic based PID Controller
Andrew Vick and Kelly Cohen

Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Fuzzy Control of Robotic Systems
Xiaodong Zhang, Luis Farfan-Ramos and Kuldip Rattan

Adaptive Real-Time Advisory System for Fuel Economy Improvement in a Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Fazal U. Syed, Dimitar Filev, Fling Tseng and Hao Ying

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