Regular Session: Database and Ontology

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  • ID: SM1.4
  • Date: June 15th, 2009 (Monday)
  • Room: Salon A/B
  • Chairs: Patrick Bosc and Julia Taylor
  • Abstracts

On a Possibilistic Database Model with Incomplete Possibility Distributions
Patrick Bosc and Olivier Pivert

On the extension of SQL to Fuzzy Bipolar Conditions
Ludovic Lietard, Daniel Rocacher and Patric Bosc

An Extension of Semantic Proximity for Fuzzy Functional Dependencies
Wei-Hsuan Lee and Chin-Tzong Pang

Fuzzy Ontology Implementation and Query Answering on Databases
Afef Bahri, Rafik Bouaziz and Faiez Gargouri

The (Not So) Unbearable Fuzziness of Natural Language: The Ontological Semantic Way of Computing With Words
Victor Raskin and Julia M. Taylor

(One student paper was moved to Special Session: Best Student Papers.)

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