Regular Session: Forecasting and Prediction

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  • ID: SM3.1
  • Date: June 15th, 2009 (Monday)
  • Room: Mt. Auburn
  • Chairs: Martine De Cock and Fernando Gomide
  • Abstracts

An Evolved Fuzzy Logic System for Fire Size Prediction
Alan Fowler, Ankur M Teredesai and Martine De Cock

An Improved Fuzzy Time Series Forecasting Model Based on Particle Swarm Intervalization
Soheil Davari, Mohammad Hossein Fazel Zarandi and I Burhan Turksen

Application of Type-2 Fuzzy Estimation on Uncertainty in Machining: An Approach on Acoustic Emission During Turning Process
Qun Ren, Luc Baron and Marek Balazinski

Generating Dynamic Fuzzy Models for Prediction Problems
Juan Contreras and Oscar Acuna

Fuzzy Machine Vision Based Porosity Detection
Pejman Mehran, Kudret Demirli, Gary Bone and Brian Surgenor

Uninetwoks in Time Series Forecasting
Michel Hell, Fernando Gomide, Rosangela Ballini and Pyramo Costa Jr

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