Special Session: Best Student Papers

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  • ID: ST1.4
  • Date: June 16th, 2009 (Tuesday)
  • Room: Salon A/B
  • Chairs: Atsushi Inoue and Vladik Kreinovich
  • Abstracts

Novel Visualization Scheme for Reasoning With Uncertainty
Kyle Springer(*) and Atsushi Inoue

Evidence Aggregation for Diagnosis: Bayesian and Fuzzy Strategies
Robert Varga(*), Sarah Matheson and Andrew Hamilton-Wright

A Meronomic Relatedness Measure for Domain Ontologies using Concept Probability and Multiset Theory
Paul Witherell(*), Sundar Krishnamurty, Ian Grosse and Jack Wileden

Biological Data Classification Using Rough Sets and Support Vector Machines
Yanjun Zhao(*), Yanqing Zhang and Naixue Xiong

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