Special Session: Fuzzy Risk Management

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  • ID: SW1.2
  • Date: June 17th, 2009 (Wednesday)
  • Room: Mt. Echo
  • Chairs: Thomas Whalen
  • Abstracts

Tools for Evaluating Risk of Terrorist Acts Using Fuzzy Sets and Belief/Plausibility
John L. Darby

Increasing Uncertainty About High-Stakes Risks: The Impetus for Radical Change?
Mark Jablonowski

11:40-12:00 on June 16th (T) @ Mt. Echo
Audit Client Composition and Predicting Large Bank Failures: A Possibilistic Approach
Jan Smolarski and Thomas Whalen

Why We Need Fuzzy Models in Bio-Risk Assessment
Thomas Taylor Jr, Thomas Whalen and Murray Cohen

10:20-10:40 on June 15th (M) @ Mt. Lookout
Visualization of Mutual Fund Risk Using the Consensus Theory Measure of Agreement
William J Tastle and Mark J Wierman

Interpreting Medical Risk at the Bedside Using Fuzzy Measures
Cathy M Helgason and Thomas H Jobe

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