Special Session: Intelligent E-Services and Multi-Agent Systems for Web-Based B2C E-Commerce – Part II

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Session Canceled

  • ID: SM2.2a
  • Date: June 15th, 2009 (Monday)
  • Room: Mt. Echo
  • Chair: Jie Lu
  • Abstracts

10:40-11:00 on June 15th (M) @Mt. Echo
Emergency Decision Model Management Based on SOA
Yanxin Wang and Xiangyang Li

3:00-3:20 [Canceled]
A Theoretical Approximation to the Psychological Aspects Related to the Consumer’s Adoption and Use of a Website Recommendation System
Francisco J. Martinez-Lopez, Claudia C. Cabal, Juan C. Gazquez-Abad and Inma Rodriguez-Ardura

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