Special Session: Inter-Relation Between Interval and Fuzzy Techniques

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  • ID: SM3.2
  • Date: June 15th, 2009 (Monday)
  • Room: Mt. Echo
  • Chairs: Vladik Kreinovich and Weldon Lodwick
  • Abstracts

A Family of Finite De Morgan Algebras
Carol L. Walker and Elbert A. Walker

Expert Knowledge Is Needed for Design under Uncertainty: For p-Boxes, Backcalculation is, in General, NP-Hard
Vladik Kreinovich

Empirical Formulas for Economic Fluctuations: Towards A New Justification
Tanja Magoc and Vladik Kreinovich

Ordering of Type-2 Values: Representation Theorems
Karen Villaverde and Olga Kosheleva

Babylonian Method of Computing the Square Root: Justifications Based on Fuzzy Techniques and on Computational Complexity
Olga Kosheleva

Pseudo-Optimal Solutions of FLP Problems by Using the Cumulative Membership Function
Juan Carlos Figueroa Garcia and Cesar Amilcar Lopez Bello

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