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Authors of accepted papers should prepare their camera-ready copies in the electric format (PDF). Those should consist of no more than six (6) pages in IEEE style including results, figures and references. Those exceeding six (6) pages are subject to extra fees (100USD per extra page). The prepared PDF file should completely meet the IEEE PDF Specification.

IEEE Copyright Form

At least one author per paper must sign the IEEE Copyright Form in order for that paper to be included in the proceedings and IEEE Explore. Please use the online IEEE Copyright Form (closed) for this purpose. For the best management (and the ecological consideration), we strongly encourage this online form. Please refer to this FAQ for more information about this online form.

Notice. You may encounter some disturbance on your web browser at the end of this transaction. You are fine if you receive the E-mail message from IEEE with the completed PDF copyright form attached. You may simply refresh/reload the web page in order to resolve this.

The above form does not work for your browser? Please try this (closed).

Problems with the online form? Are you behind a firewall and/or a proxy? If so, please disable or bypass them when filling in and submitting this online form (or consult with your system/network administrator(s) -- some firewall and/or proxy may just work fine). You should also refresh/reload the page when filling in the form again. Please contact Atsushi Inoue, Program Committee Chair, via E-mail (atsushi_dot_inoue_at_ewu_dot_edu) if none of above helps.


Camera-ready submission has been closed.


  1. Log into EasyChair. Confirm your role. This should be 'NAFIPS2009 (author)'. Do the following for each accepted paper.
  2. Go to menu 'My submissions->Paper NN' (for multiple submissions) or menu 'Paper NN'. Note that NN is a submission number.
  3. Click on 'Submit a new version' link at the upper right corner.
  4. Specify the file name and click on 'Submit a New Version' button to upload. Leave the attachment field BLANK. The attachment is ignored even if you upload something.
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