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New submission has been closed.


NAFIPS 2009 is based on a full paper submission (we do not accept extended abstracts anymore). Authors are invited to prepare papers of no more than six (6) pages in IEEE style (see below) including results, figures and references. Papers exceeding six (6) pages are subject to extra fees. We ask you to prepare your papers compatible with the IEEE PDF Specification (see below).

Submission (closed)

All papers should be submitted using the submission system provided by EasyChair. Please enter the following information exactly as appeared on your papers: names of authors, affiliations, countries, E-mail addresses, titles and abstracts. No attachment should be uploaded (ignored if it is uploaded).

[Authors of Special Session] You must select the 'Category' of your special session. Otherwise, this is considered as a regular submission.

[Authors of Student Papers] Please click the 'Student paper' box. Otherwise, this is considered as a regular (i.e. non-student) paper.

[About your EasyChair account] You should use the same EasyChair account created for NAFIPS 2008 (or for any use of EasyChair after the 9th of January 2007).

Acknowledgment, Notice and Questions

Acknowledgment of receipt, notice of acceptance/rejection and a few other messages related to your submission will be sent via E-mail from EasyChair (the E-mail address(es) with the domain of easychair-dot-org).

Questions should be sent via E-mail to Program Chairs (See Contact Info).

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